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Next to country's capital, New Delhi, it comes with a host of advantages for the Incumbent. Inspired  by the city's wide roads and plush look,  AMI Green  gives you the pleasure of class and opulence. That's what the design on the complex spells. Well appointed spaces, well managed amenities, well crafted and corridors. It is a perfect example of living spaces in today's your times. An ensemble of Residential Plots spread across 10 acres, this residential setting has more pleasures than one. Designed with meticulous attention, it comes with a spirit of freedom, a sense of relief from chaos, a life full of luxuries, a non-city yet urban  ambience.  AMI Green is a complex where bliss prevails. Connecting roads in pollution free environment and loaded with class living amenities.

Gated Residential Township

H_4 - Photo.jpg

A Lot of green Area

H_2 - Photo.jpg

Proper Wide Roads

H_6 - Photo.jpg

Commercial Space

H_3 - Photo.jpg


H_10 - Photo.jpg

Community Centre

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